About Us

A river doesn’t just carry water, it carries life.

Located in Luang Prabang, Shompoo cruise is a travel agency specializing in Mekong river cruises. We run four traditional slow-boats full of charm. In the past, the only ways to navigate the Mekong River between Houay Xay – border city of Thailand next to Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai – and Luang Prabang, were to take a public slow boat with minimal comfort, or to hire an expensive private boat

From now on, thanks to our 10 years of experience in tourism (hotel industry, river cruises and tour operations) our team at Shompoo Cruise has acquired the know-how to lead you on an unforgettable two-day boat trip with reasonable fares.

Our devoted and motivated team is ready to share our passion and insight on this legendary River with you as you cruise with us.

Our team

Alex Chitdara - Shompoo Cruise Director

Alex Chitdara


Alex is the main Shompoo Cruise founder. He was born in and grew up in France. In 2008, he decided to follow his family roots and moved to Luang Prabang to re-discover his origin. He worked until the end 2011 for a French travel agency and started to learn and be more and more fascinated by the Mekong River!

In 2012, he launched with Deuane, SHOMPOO CRUISE! A boat cruise company specialized in navigating in Northern Laos. It's been 10 years now that Alex is happy to share his passion and give some tips on the best way to visit Laos.

Deuane - Co director

Deuane Visisombath

Boat Manager

Deuane is the youngest daughter of a family of boat owners! She already had, from her youth age, a strong experience on the Mekong. She spent a good amount of her time navigating between Luang Prabang and Thai border! She knows exactly every detail and secret of the river. For her, the Mekong river was more than a fascination, this is her whole life!

Today, our crew can just be lucky to have her in our team!